Plumbers work to fix high number of burst pipes

Plumbers work to fix high number of burst pipes (Image 1)

Got pipes? Have they been burst? If so, you are not alone.

Contact any plumbing business and you are likely to hear them say something like, “We have been running all over the place.”

Case in point is ARS Rescue Rooter plumber Hank Bowers.

“I have put in two straight 16-hour days,” he told News 2 Wednesday as he answered a call in Murfreesboro.

Cindy Moody was waiting for him after one of her pipes burst Tuesday as the week's single digit temperatures slowly warmed.

The burst copper pipe above in the crawl space about her garage ceiling had what looked like a small gash in it.

The leak left her garage flooded and icicles on a window where water had seeped through the walls.

“As I pulled in my driveway it was cascading out from my eaves, kind of like a waterfall.” Cindy told News 2. “I did all the preventative things they tell us to do like letting faucets drip and keeping the upstairs warm.”

When asked what her reaction was to sudden flood in her home, the she half-laughed that it was not something you could print, or put on television.

Another plumber did initial work last night to find, then stop the leak and shut off water to some parts of her home, but major repairs were left to ARS's Bowers.

He showed News 2 the leak that occurred in some copper piping that did not have insulation around it.

“We see this a lot of this,” said the plumber. “There was nothing she could have done to prevent this, other than know those pipes were not fully insulated.”

He indicated that repairs will include insulation around the copper pipes.

Bowers added that he'll likely face several more long days of helping people like Cindy who suddenly found a flood in her home.

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