Plumbers stay busy with burst pipes as frigid temps continue

Plumbers all over the Mid-State are busy with extra calls in these frigid temperatures.

They say the most common issue they’re dealing with is frozen pipes.

To avoid the problem, T.D. Wilson with Hiller Plumbing says he can’t stress enough the importance of dripping faucets.

“It’s best to have all faucets dripping, but sometimes even with a small drip the weather is just overwhelming and you could still end up with frozen pipes.

Generally though a small drip will take care of it,” Wilson told Nashville’s News 2.

Wilson added it’s also helpful to keep cabinet doors open so the heat from the house can warm them.

Plumbers suggest closing foundation vents so air doesn’t blow in and look for crawl space doors that aren’t tightly sealed which can cause air to come in under your house.

Wilson calls it “the number one offender for freezing pipes.”

“A lot of times people's pipes freeze and they just wait for them to thaw out and they come home and all of a sudden they hear this horrible noise under the house. It’s a ruptured pipe. A lot of times the pipes will crack and then you have a flooding situation, hopefully under your house not up in your house,” he explained.

If your pipe freezes, a hairdryer or space heater can help thaw it out.

Just because you’ve escaped pipe problems so far doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods.

Plumbers expect to be even busier in the next few days as the temperature warms up. That’s when pipes usually burst.

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