Parents begin online campaign after baby dies from forceps delivery

Parents begin online campaign after baby dies from forceps delivery (Image 1)

A Texas couple has begun a social media campaign after they say their newborn daughter died from injuries sustained during a forceps delivery.

After a normal pregnancy, Rachel Melancon and her fiancé Allen Coats welcomed their daughter Olivia Marie, who weighed in at nearly eight pounds, December 28.

Melancon was in labor for 18 hours, New York Daily News reported, before it was determined Olivia was turned the wrong way.

The 24-year-old woman said her doctor, George Backardjiev, attempted to turn the baby before using forceps.

After failed attempts at turning Olivia, she was delivered via C-Section with numerous fractures.

“I felt her pulled out of me and the room was silent. No crying baby and they told Allen to leave the room. That's the last I remember before waking up to my baby girl lifeless,” posted Rachel on Facebook.

Olivia died days later on January 2 from skull and spine injuries her parents alleged occurred because of the forceps.

The couple told ABC News they now plan to take action and hope to find a way to pass “Olivia's Law,” which would ban forceps being used during deliveries.

Olivia was laid to rest on Saturday. A balloon release was held in honor of the infant.

Coats and Melancon said they plan to sue the obstetrician.

*New York Daily News and ABC News contributed to this report.

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