Tip leads Giles County sheriff to stolen ATVs

Tip leads Giles County sheriff to stolen ATVs (Image 1)

Authorities in Giles County arrested two men Thursday for stealing at least eight all-terrain vehicles and there could be more.

Jerry Hicks, 37, and 19-year-old Anthony Gann were arrested after Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton received a tip from a concerned citizen at 3:45 a.m.

“He saw a four wheeler come by his house and a vehicle behind it and at that time of night, he thought it was suspicious and so he called me,” Helton told News 2.

Helton responded to the intersection of Happy Hill and Fairview Road and confronted Hicks after he rode right past him on a stolen four wheeler.

“He acted like he was just taking a ride and there was nothing wrong with riding this on the roadway,” the sheriff continued.

Nearby, in a car, Helton found two teens acting as lookouts.  The teens were identified as Gann, the alleged ring leader, and Hicks' 14-year-old son.

Helton says several ATVs were stolen in recent weeks, eight of which were recovered on Thursday alone.

Gann and Hicks faces several charges and will also be charged for shooting a dog and a moonshine operation that was discovered during the investigation.

Hicks' son was turned over to the custody of his mother, who reportedly was unaware he was out with his father.

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