Cold temps bring icy dangers for pedestrians

Cold temps bring icy dangers for pedestrians (Image 1)

The coldest temperatures for Middle Tennessee in nearly two years are once again creating icy dangers on nearly every walkway.

All of us have stories of slipping on an icy patch, even when we are being careful.

You can take a tumble on your suddenly slippery front steps, a public walkway or getting out your car in a parking lot.

It's really any place outside where moisture can freeze with each chilly night.

Cases in point were some ice patches that almost caught unsuspecting departing passengers at the Nashville International Airport.

“I hate it when it sneaks up on me and I find myself going down,” Peter Eldridge told News 2 while visiting from usually ice-free northern Arizona. “The ice there doesn't stick around.”

Fortunately the ice in Nashville did not sneak up on Eldridge or his traveling companion Jo Sprague.

She told News 2 they had been warned by locals about the tricky ice conditions that can pop up anywhere in sub-32 degree weather.

“People have been very kind about warning us; watch those steps, watch the middle of those steps, watch the end of the steps.  Folks have been very helpful,” she said while gingerly walking around the icy patches outside the airport terminal.

After noticing the slippery conditions, News 2 contacted airport officials who quickly sent a maintenance worker with a bag of salt.

He told News 2 he has been busy catching all the icy spots over the last few days.

Salting icy steps, parking lots and public walkways is a scene being replayed over and over again as Middle Tennessee faces its rare dip into continuous sub-freezing temperatures.

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