State championship trophies stolen from Beech High School

State championship trophies stolen from Beech High School (Image 1)

Two state championship football trophies were stolen from Beech High School in Hendersonville last Friday.

The trophies were awarded to the Beech Buccaneers in 2009 and 2012 when the football team won the state title.

They were taken from the school's trophy case around 3:30 a.m. Friday.

School surveillance captured theft, committed by two people wearing dark clothing, masks and gloves.

Before leaving with the trophies, the bandits used duct tape to spell out the letters HHS on the front of the glass trophy case.

The thieves only took the school's football trophies, leaving the baseball and softball trophies behind.

News of the trophy theft spread quickly among students and teachers.

Sophomore Miceala Robinson told News 2 the HHS likely stands for Hendersonville High School, Beech's rival.

“They're like our rivals, and sure we call them our little brothers some times, but it's not worth it,” she said, adding, “It's a trophy. You can get your own if you work hard enough at it.”

English teacher and girl's softball coach Dr. Erica Powell has four state trophies in the case.

“You know, I have trouble believing that someone from Hendersonville [High School] would do that because even though it is a rivalry, we respect other teams from our county,” she said.

Powell continued, “As the softball coach, you know, we have won four state titles so if someone came in and took our plaques, I'd be very upset.  It's something for your school to be proud of, the teachers and the students, and it's important to the kids.  You don't get a state championship very often.”

Robinson added, “It hurts.  It is ours. We earned it and you have to work hard to get your own.”

Anyone with information on theft is urged to call the Sumner County Sheriff's Office at 615-452-2616.

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