Police: Nurse stole from terminally ill cancer patient

Police: Nurse stole from terminally ill cancer patient (Image 1)

A home healthcare worker was arrested last week on charges she stole from a terminally ill cancer patient she cared for and there could be other victims.

Sheena Gentry, 37, is accused of stealing jewelry, including a 1947 class ring, from the 85-year-old victim.

The victim called police after she noticed cash and jewelry missing from her residence.  She told investigators she suspected Gentry.

Detectives researched pawnshop records and discovered that Gentry was in fact listed as the person who, on two occasions in September, pawned the class ring, another ring, three bracelets and two necklaces at the same store.

The victim's daughter accompanied police to the pawnshop on December 26 and positively identified the jewelry as belonging to her mother.  The jewelry is valued in excess of $1,000.

The pawnshop paid Gentry a total of $900.

During the investigation, detectives discovered that Gentry has pawned 75 pieces of jewelry at various Nashville pawnshops since 2008, leading him to question whether other seriously ill patients and their families have been victimized.

Family members of persons Gentry has cared for, and suspect she may have stolen from them, are urged to call Metro detectives at 615-862-7579.

Gentry is a registered nurse in Tennessee and worked for a Nashville company that provides healthcare to seniors.

Nashville detectives have been in touch with state officials and have requested the initiation of administrative proceedings in regard to Gentry's license.

Gentry was arrested last Friday on three theft counts.  She is being held in the Metro jail on $35,000 bond.

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