Panel: Tenn improved child abuse investigations

Panel: Tenn improved child abuse investigations (Image 1)
Panel: Tenn improved child abuse investigations (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – An expert panel tasked with reviewing the Tennessee Department of Children's Services found that the state has taken steps in the past year to improve state investigations into severe child abuse.

The Second Look Commission, which reviews cases of children abused more than once, said in its annual report that DCS has been responsive to suggestions for protecting kids.

Commission Director Craig Hargrow told The Tennessean the department is doing a good job of changing mindsets, cultures and practices.

Yet the commission has recently learned that more Tennessee children have been victims of repeat abuse than previously thought.

Hargrow now believes that about 600 children undergo a second or subsequent abuse each year. That's double the number DCS provided to Hargrow's commission some years.

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