Mike Munchak reacts to Penn State rumors

Mike Munchak reacts to Penn State rumors (Image 1)

Tennessee Titans' head coach Mike Munchak knows his job is on the line. The Titans have missed the playoffs for the fifth straight year and sit at 6-9 with one game left in the season.

The head coach has voiced his desire to stay with the Titans numerous times but reports say he is constructing a back up plan.
According to a report from David Jones of the PennLive-News, individuals representing Munchak have reached out to Penn State about a possible job. Penn State, Munchak's alma mater, does not have a head coach vacancy but current head coach Bill O'Brien is a target for numerous NFL jobs.
The report says Munchak's representatives informed the school that the Titans' head coach would be interested in the position, should it become available.

Today, Munchak addressed the rumors with News 2 Sports Director, Cory Curtis.

In an email, Munchak indicated there is no opening at Penn State and that he does not have an agent that could be inquiring about the job on his behalf.
The report also says Munchak was on the verge of getting the job two years ago after the Jerry Sandusky scandal and would be the heavy favorite this time as well.

PennLive-News contributed to this report.  

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