4-year-old boy injured after shooting self with gun he found

4-year-old boy injured after shooting self with gun he found (Image 1)

A four-year-old Franklin child is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered Christmas morning.

Investigators now say the child shot himself in the hand with a handgun he found.

Police responded to the 600 block of Cherokee Place around 11:50 a.m.

The injured child was already en route to the hospital in a private vehicle.

According to police, the child was in the front seat of a vehicle parked outside an apartment when he found a handgun in the car and discharged it, shooting himself in the hand.  

A family friend was seated in the driver's seat of the same vehicle, with his legs hanging out and his back to the child.

The child's mother initially rushed the boy to Williamson Medical Center. He has since been transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Neighbors told News 2 the shooting appeared to be an accident.

Jason Miller lives nearby and helped wrap the child's hand before he was taken to the hospital.  

“It was all a normal day,” Miller said. “Then all of a sudden it was one of those split second situations.”

Detectives continue to investigate the incident. However, no charges have been filed.

The little boy was last listed in stable condition.

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