Woman steals from Kohl’s, crashes car into police cruiser

Woman steals from Kohl's, crashes car into police cruiser (Image 1)

Metro police arrested a woman who allegedly stole merchandise from Kohl's and then crashed her car into a police cruiser on Thursday.

Employees at the Kohl's on Jackson Downs Boulevard in Donelson notified police after they spotted a woman, later identified as Angela Thompson, concealing merchandise.

An officer responded and waited outside for Thompson, 54, to exit the store.

The officer, in his fully marked patrol vehicle, pulled up behind Thompson and hit his siren.

Thompson ignored him, got into her vehicle and began backing up as the officer approached her car.

The officer yelled, advising her to stop.  Thompson failed to listen and the officer was forced to move out of her way.

Thompson fled the scene and was later identified in a photo lineup.

Thompson was charged with evading arrest, vandalism and assault of an officer, among other charges.

She was booked into the Metro jail Friday afternoon on $60,000 bond.

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