Store padlocked for offering $40 beer deal to teens

Store padlocked for offering $40 beer deal to teens (Image 1)

Metro police have padlocked a west Nashville convenience store where undercover underage decoys were able to purchase beer.

News 2 has learned Amen Naguib, the clerk who sold the beer to teens at the Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer store on White Bridge Road, is also going to be arrested for possessing cocaine, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer at the store Monday morning.

Police began investigating the Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer store after a parent caught his child, a student at Father Ryan High School in Nashville, with a case of beer.

Investigators have since learned the store had a system where teenagers asked for the “$40 deal” and were given a case of beer in exchange.

Police and the Nashville Prevention Partnership set up an undercover operation and decoys outfitted with hidden cameras captured video of Naguib selling them beer on November 22.

Naguib faces three criminal counts of selling beer to minors in connection with that operation.

He was free on $1,000 bond.

Police said students from Montgomery Bell Academy, Ensworth and Father Ryan high schools have all shopped at the store to take advantage of the deal.

“This is an extreme measure, but it certainly is a statement from the police department that when we get these complaints were going to take action,” Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson said. “It's a very dangerous enterprise to put alcohol in the hands of a young person.”

He continued, “It's hard to measure what you prevented but I think we have prevented accidents and lives lost by interrupting this business.”

Davidson County District Attorney Tory Johnson obtained a temporary injunction to padlock the business and seize all the beer from Judge Steve Dozier on Friday.

Johnson has also asked a judge to declare the Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer store a public nuisance, because of the multiple citations for selling beer to minors.

“This is the first time we done anything like this directed toward underage beer sales,” he said. “I think what captures your attention here is the target audience was high school kids.”

According to court documents filed by Metro Police's Youth Services division, multiple complaints from parents about the Stop and Shop Tobacco and Beer store date back to March of 2013.

Youth Services officers had the store under surveillance for multiple months and on August 1 cited store operator Wael Timothawes for selling beer to a minor.

The store was subsequently fined $2,500 in September by the Metro Beer Permit Board.

The officers returned in November after the Director of Security at Father Ryan High School made a complaint about student purchasing beer at the store.

He told officers the students who bought a 24 pack of beer paid $40.

With that information the Nashville Prevention Partnership provided underage decoys and hidden cameras for a sting in November.

“I can't underscore enough the egregious nature of what he was doing here,” Executive Director DeWayne Holman said. “He was selling intentionally to underage people.”

Police officers spent much of Monday inventorying and seizing beer and other alcoholic beverages from the store.

Officers also seized items that appeared to be bongs and other drug paraphernalia, but police said it is not clear if the men will face any charges in connection with those items.

Naguib and Timothawes are scheduled for a hearing on the injunction that shut down their store Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.

Two other Nashville markets, owned by Osama Hezkyal, were also shut down on Monday afternoon.

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