Patrons claim cancer patient told to remove hat at Morton’s

Patrons claim cancer patient told to remove hat at Morton's (Image 1)

Patrons of Morton's Steakhouse claim the restaurant mistreated a man suffering from cancer.

According to a review left on Yelp, a group of people who had a work party over the weekend at the popular Nashville restaurant are upset after cancer patient Robert Chambers, who is sensitive to the cold, was asked to take off his beanie cap.

Police were called and asked the group to leave after members of the party continued to get upset. The party paid their $2,500 bill and left.

Morton's took to their Facebook page to address the incident Sunday writing, “They have reached out to the parties involved and can assure you that all facts will be uncovered and that they're determined to make this right.”

In a statement late Monday night, Senior Vice President Operations and COO Tim Whitlock said in part, “Our executive team has been in contact with Mr. Chambers who fully accepted our apology. There was a complete and total misunderstanding by our staff who had no idea that our guest had a medical condition. Our actions were uninformed and our intentions were not malicious.”

Chambers declined an interview, but said on his Facebook page he had a lengthy conversation with Whitlock, accepts the restaurant's apology and that he appreciates the community's support.

The restaurant has also since donated $2,000 to St. Jude's Hospital on behalf of Mr. Chambers.

It is unclear if any of the restaurant employees involved in the incident will be punished.

There are reports of people organizing a sit in later this week on social media sites in support of Chambers.

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