Man arrested for break-in at Rocketown

Man arrested for break-in at Rocketown (Image 1)

Metro police arrested a man who broke into youth entertainment facility Rocketown early Monday morning.

The venue's security camera caught a man running from the building with a cash register.

Metro police arrested Dontraveous Williams, 21 and charged him with a number of crimes, including theft, vandalism and attempted assault on an officer.

It happened a little after 3 a.m. Monday.

Jim Mallory, executive director of Rocketown told News 2 he believes the man watched the building Sunday night where hundreds of people attended a concert.

“Maybe he thought we had a lot of cash or something,” said Mallory, adding they never keep cash on the premises.

“I don't think he thought of who we are and what we do. [He] thought it was an opportunity. I don't think it was it was intentionally done because of who we are and what we do. It was just one of those things.”

Rocketown has been located in downtown for 10 years, recently moving to a new building on 4th Avenue South.

It is a venue for young people, hosting concerts, providing after-school activities and is home to one of Nashville's most popular skate parks.

It was founded by Christian singer Michael W Smith and maintains an emphasis on Christianity.

“The idea is to make relationships and just share the message of Christ's love to these kids,” said Mallory.

The break-in was captured on Rocketown's security camera system.

It shows a man throwing a cinder block through a glass door in the rear entrance. Interior camera's clearly show a man ripping a cash register from the counter of the coffee bar and leaving, only to return minutes later to take the second register.

Police captured him in the parking lot and recovered the cash registers which were empty.

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