Newtown shootings prompt increased school security in Middle Tenn.

Newtown shootings prompt increased school security in Middle Tenn. (Image 1)

A year after 20 children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, increased security at local schools have become the new normal for teachers and students.

Schools like Rock Springs Elementary in Rutherford County are outfitted with more security cameras inside and outside the building.

The doors to the school remain locked at all times and visitors must be buzzed in by staff in the front office. All visitors have to show a drivers license when they walk in the building.

That ID is then scanned using a system called “Raptor” which screens out registered sex offenders.

The most visible change is the armed officer that now patrols the halls full-time.

“It just gives us that extra feeling of security,” said Principal Stephen Lewis.

Rutherford County was among several school districts to add full-time SROs to its local elementary schools after Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

“That just showed how important our job really is because I firmly believe if there was a police officer in that building that wouldn't have happened,” said SRO Jeff DeGennaro.

The district previously had SROs in its high school and middle schools.

Parents told Nashville's News 2 the full-time armed officer at their child's school gives them peace of mind.

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