Happy Tales finds new home in Franklin

Happy Tales finds new home in Franklin (Image 1)

Happy Tales Humane Shelter, which is currently located at The Factory, has found a new place to call home.

The shelter is planning to move to 1282 Lewisburg Pike in Franklin in early 2014.

“It's a little over double the size than what we have now,” Happy Tales director Debbi Cure told News 2, adding, “We're designing right now different play stations for the cats [and] also for the dogs where they can learn to socialize and for us to work with them one on one.”

The non-profit organization was told in November that their lease at its current space at The Factory was not being renewed and was given 90 days to leave the building.

“It's always a goal of ours to have a place we can house the dogs and grow our programs,” Cure said.  “When we were asked to leave because they wanted our space that prompted us to get out there and get serious about looking.”

She continued, “It's a big stress release knowing we do have a place to go to, there's still a lot to be done for us to move, but we have great community support, people who want to help us. We are looking forward to it. We have a lot of work at the new place and how we want it.”

Happy Tales primarily runs on donations and volunteers and hopes to be in their new space by mid-January.

For more information on Happy Tales, visit their Web site.

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