TDOT says roads refroze despite pre-treatments

TDOT says roads refroze despite pre-treatments (Image 1)

Tennessee's Department of Transportation said overnight temperatures fell so low that pre-treated roadways refroze overnight leading to icy conditions on the interstates, Tuesday morning.

“The forecasts were a little tricky because more snow fell in the Metro area than what we were expecting,” TDOT spokeswoman Deanna Lambert said. “TDOT spent all day on Monday brining the roads, the state routes, I 65, Highway 840 and the other major corridors around the area to make sure that there was some pre-treatment.”

Interstate 65 north of Nashville and around Highway 840 in Williamson County had several wrecks that snarled traffic.

One wreck on I-65 southbound near Briley Parkway involved two Metro police officers whose cruiser was rear-ended by another car around 1 a.m. The second car then slid backward into a semi-truck.

No injuries were reported.  The officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

A secondary accident occurred around 200 yards from the first.

At least two people were injured in that crash.

Details surrounding the accident and injuries were not immediately known.

Most lanes of traffic closed until 2:30 a.m. as crews worked to clear the scene.

Other wrecks further backed up traffic. Some drivers experienced hours of slow moving and stopped traffic on the interstate.

Paul Gilbert's typical 25 minute commute from Goodlettsville to Nashville took more than three hours.

“I thought [the interstate] would be clearer than Dickerson Road was, but they were not,” he said. “They were a solid sheet of ice down to like Trinity Lane.”

He continued, “I was actually kind of frightened. I have made this trip back and forth for 10 years and never had trouble, but it was hairy this morning.”

TDOT said crews will continue to monitor bridges and roads overnight into Wednesday morning.

Lambert told News 2 the pre-treatments TDOT did Monday should continue to prevent widespread freezing of roads and bridges into Wednesday.

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