Winter weather causes delays at Nashville airport

Winter weather causes delays at Nashville airport (Image 1)

Weather conditions impacted several flights leaving Nashville International Airport on Friday and Saturday.

Friday, some American flights to Dallas were canceled due to an ice storm in the area. Several other flights to Charlotte, New York and Newark were also either canceled or delayed.

Saturday the majority of the canceled flights were out of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Dozens of people lined up early Saturday morning outside of American Airlines, trying to reschedule flights.

Alberto Sanchez is trying to schedule his third flight after the first two were canceled.

“I'm trying to make it home. I actually was trying this yesterday, because today was supposed to be my first day on vacation and now I'm stuck in Nashville,” Sanchez explained to News 2.

Officials at BNA are monitoring the weather conditions.

The runways are equipped with 30 in-pavement sensors that provide real time temperature information. 

Anti-icing or de-icing solutions will be applied if necessary.

For a full list of delays or cancellations, visit

Check the latest forecast and weather condition at 

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