White House pushes for Obamacare enrollment

White House pushes for Obamacare enrollment (Image 1)

Back on October 1 when Healthcare.gov launched, News 2 watched as musician Tiger Fitzhugh tried to log on and shop for an insurance plan.

The site, however, was down, a problem reported by millions of Americans all over the country resulting in Congressional hearings and a disastrous public relations problem for the president.

Now, two months later, the Obama Administration is trying to press through the botched roll out and encourage Americans to try the Web site again.

On Tuesday, the president stood before a group of people he said have been helped by the Affordable Care Act.

“After just the first months, despite all the problems with the roll out, half a million people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage,” he said.

Coverage begins January 1, 2014 for those insured by the end of the year, leaving the White House just three weeks to produce enrollment numbers that, so far, have been far behind earlier projections.

In Tuesday's briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to move the focus off the enrollment Web site saying, “The Affordable Care Act is not about a Web site. The Web site is a means to an end.”

In Tennessee, the latest numbers reported mid-November showed less than 1,000 in the state have been able to enroll.

As for Fitzhugh, he told News 2 after multiple attempts to enroll online, he finally called the number provided and signed up over the phone in about 45 minutes.

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