Sex offender jailed for assaulting woman with brick

Sex offender jailed for assaulting woman with brick (Image 1)

A violent registered sex offender was arrested Tuesday for assaulting and robbing a woman in downtown parking garage last month.

It happened at the garage located on Fifth Avenue North at Commerce Street during the early morning hours of November 6.

Victim Misty Shadd told police a man later identified as Antonio Sweatt followed her off the elevator onto the fifth floor of the garage after she got off work.

“I don't have a problem closing as long as there is someone to walk with me,” Shadd said, continuing, “I was looking around, checking out my surroundings, being attentive [when] I hear someone behind me and I turn and see this man.”
The 25-year-old woman told police Sweatt hit her in the head with a brick-like piece of concrete and stole her purse.

“He pulls from behind him, this chunk of concrete and says, ‘Give me your money! Give me your money.' He goes up to strike me and he comes down and he strikes me,” she recalled.

“I realize I am bleeding on my head and I don't know how bad this is and I don't want to pass out in this parking garage.”

Shadd ran to the stairwell and down several floors where she hid for a few minutes. She then exited the garage and called police from a passerby's cell phone.

Responding officers found her purse on the fifth floor and her wallet in the stairwell on the third floor.

The affidavit stated officers also found blood under the staircase on the first floor where she  was hiding.

The chunk of concrete that was used in the crime was found on the fifth floor where the robbery took place, police said.

Shadd suffered a cut on her head and had to get staples at the hospital.

An officer on patrol in the minutes after the assault saw Sweatt sitting on a bus bench near the garage but, at the time, didn't know he was connected.  The officer recognized Sweatt because he had contact with him earlier in the night.

By the time he realized he matched the suspect description in the attack and went back to pick him up, Sweatt was gone.

Shadd positively identified Sweatt from a photo lineup.

“I came in and [identified] the guy pretty quickly and it was the guy police thought it was,” Shadd said.

Sweatt was finally arrested Tuesday morning at an apartment located on Jefferson Street and is charged with especially aggravated robbery and booked into the Metro jail on $150,000 bond.

Sweatt is listed on the state's sex offender registry for two aggravated rape convictions in 1990.

He was convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2012, domestic assault and misdemeanor theft in 2011 and trespassing in 2010.

He is also accused of violating the provisions of the sex offender registry in March.

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