TDOT treating roads in advance of weather

The Tennessee Department of transportation is brining area highways in preparation for expected wintry weather.

 According to TDOT spokesperson Deanna Lambert, the department is brining areas most prone to freezing, that includes Briley Parkway and area interstates.

“Tonight we will be bringing in crews from Davidson and Williamson counties to work the overnight hours and into the morning rush hour, just keeping an eye on those roads.  Making sure if there are any slick spots then those areas will be addressed” said Lambert Monday afternoon.

“Bbrine is important for a storm like this when you are calling for freezing rain and sleet so brine is that first layer of protection that goes down on the road to prevent any cars from sliding” said Lambert. “That's the first layer of protection for the weather that's coming up.”

Once any wintry precipitation passes, TDOT will spread salt if roads continue to be icy.

Lambert told News 2 the department has plenty of salt in its supplies and that this week's holiday will not impact the number of workers available to treat highways.

“Our TDOT maintenance crews are ready at any time to make sure the roads are drivable” said Lambert. “So these guys, men and women work no matter if it's a holiday or regular day to make sure the roads are safe and passable in case of winter weather” she said.


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