2,600 Tennesseans get extended AccessTN coverage

2,600 Tennesseans get extended AccessTN coverage (Image 1)

Around 2,600 Tennesseans will be learning soon that they will be able to keep their AccessTN health care policies temporarily.

The board of the state agency that oversees the program decided late Thursday to extend the AccessTN coverage until April 30, 2014.

The coverage is designed for high-risk individuals who had been deemed uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions.  Their policies were scheduled to end December 31 because most of the enrollees were expected to obtain policies through Obamacare.

A statement released from the board read, in part, “Given that individuals should have been able to access lower cost coverage in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, the AccessTN board previously decided to close the program for members above the federal poverty level and/or not receiving premium assistance. However, recent problems with the implementation of the Health Insurance Marketplace have created difficulties for people attempting to transition to the Marketplace.

As a result of these issues, the board has voted to extend coverage to current members who were previously advised that their coverage would end. This extension will allow AccessTN members to keep their current coverage until April 30, 2014, which provides coverage for 30 days following the end of the Marketplace open enrollment period. The state will use AccessTN reserve funds to cover the cost of extending coverage which the state estimates will be nearly $7 million.”

AccessTN enrollees are expected to soon be getting letters advising them of the extended coverage.

The same state board that oversees AccessTN has not yet made a decision about other state-government medical coverage programs such as CoverTN, CoverKids and CoverRx which affect an estimated 25,000 individuals.

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