New saloon opens with cancer benefit for 5-year-old girl

New saloon opens with cancer benefit for 5-year-old girl (Image 1)

A vacant building, formerly home to Flavors, re-opens as a new night spot Thursday night

The previous owners closed Flavors, located at 1522 Demonbreun near the Musica roundabout, after losing parking spaces across from the strip of bars and restaurants.

“When we first started it we only had half of this building so when we got the call that the other half of this building became available we had to revamp the plans and start over,” said Dawg House manager Todd Verhoven.

He continued, “There used to be a huge parking lot over there, but that's going to be housing units, so that's going to help us as a bar.”

The new saloon will feature live musical performances and opened Thursday at 5 p.m. for a benefit concert featuring some of the best songwriters in the world.

The event benefits a five-year-old Nashville girl diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

The show features performances by songwriters Tracy Lawrence, Karleigh Paige, Allen Duhon, Rusty Tabor and Casey Beathard, among others.

The Dawg House and other venues on the west end of Demonbreun are competing with lower Broadway and other locations where tourists often visit.

“The more places we get on this street the bigger the destination it becomes for tourist,” said Verhoven. “So with all the diversity on this strip already with different bars different restaurants different kinds of bars it helps us all.”

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