Metro Council gives initial approval to build new Sounds ballpark

Metro Council gives initial approval to build new Sounds ballpark (Image 1)

The Metro Council Tuesday night gave the initial approval needed to build a new ballpark for the Nashville Sounds at Sulphur Dell.

Some council members had some rare first-reading debate during Tuesday's meeting, with some finger-pointing and gavel-banging briefly taking over the discussion.

While Councilman At Large Jerry Maynard was offering his support for building the ballpark at Sulphur Dell in north Nashville, District 16 Councilman Tony Tenpenny spoke up, interrupting Maynard.

The chairman had to bang his gavel six times to restore order after the exchange.

Tenpenny said his constituents have not had enough time to look over the proposal.

“I want time for my constituents in the 16th District to understand what this is all about,” said Tenpenny, adding, “and that's all.”

Prior to that, Councilman Charlie Tygard offered a motion to defer the initial vote on the matter, but that motion was voted down and the issue will go to the next reading.

“We have not had this kind of economic development in years in north Nashville,” Maynard said, “and that's why I'm asking that we continue to keep this moving forward.”

The council will discuss the $150 million public-private development, including the ballpark, at its next public meeting on Tuesday, December 3.

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