Husband shot in foot by wife’s coworker

Husband shot in foot by wife's coworker (Image 1)

A man was arrested after he allegedly fired several shots toward a coworker's husband late Tuesday night, ultimately striking him once in the foot.

The victim reported Jarvis Fason, 27, came to his home in the 1500 block of Hickory Highlands Drive in Antioch to speak with his wife.

The wife told her husband that she worked with Fason and he had been stalking her.

Fason reportedly called her while standing outside of the couple's home.  The victim went outside to confront him when he noticed Fason was holding a gun.

The victim then struck Fason in the head with a motorcycle helmet, causing him to leave and return to his vehicle.

As Fason began to flee the area, he stopped his vehicle and fired several shots toward the victim.  One bullet struck him in the foot.

Fason was located at Saint Thomas Midtown early Wednesday morning.

He was subsequently charged with aggravated assault.

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