GMA car give away winning nomination letter

GMA car give away winning nomination letter (Image 1)
GMA car give away winning nomination letter (Image 1)

Letter written by Samantha Dial, a neighbor who nominated Sam Mullins for the GMA car giveaway.

Sam and his family are our wonderful neighbors next door. He and his wife have a blended family of 10 children. He is the nicest, most dependable father who focuses on the kids.

He owns a mini-van on its last wheels. Recently my husband went over to help him work on it…again (and it likely still will not pass the TN emissions test).

Their income will not allow them to purchase a new vehicle right now and any fixes are a budget issue for their family. They are also trying to visit aging family members and winning a new car would allow them to focus on family.

They are a faith-filled family and always see the best in everything, never complaining. We cannot imagine anyone more deserving or more appreciative.

They are the type of people who would feel like someone else is more deserving than them and would definitely pay the blessing forward ten-fold.

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