Music City Center 6 months into 1st year of operations

Music City Center 6 months into 1st year of operations (Image 1)

The new downtown Music City Center is now six months into its first year of operation.

The building was initially sold as a means of attracting bigger and more conventions to Nashville, which it has partly done.

The Music City Center brought in $26 million during its first quarter and booked 18,000 hotel rooms.

Projections for the project from 2010 predicted the center would be responsible for more than 330,000 hotel room bookings in 2013.

However, the projection for the number of hotel rooms booked by the end of the year will not be reached in part because both the MCC and Omni Hotel opened later than the projected date.

Also, upon being built, it was promised the Music City Center would not cause a tax increase, however there is now a proposal before the Metro Council for a fee to be charged on goods sold downtown to be used by the convention center to off set costs of conventions and to be used for marketing the MCC or other convention related expenses.

Critics of the project say the proposal breaks the promise of not increasing taxes to pay for the construction and operation of the MCC.

However, those who run the center point out other cities have similar fees and the fee would out the MCC on a level playing field.

Officials said for 2014 and 2015, the Music City Center has already booked large conventions.

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