Mt. Juliet cracks down on bad drivers in school zones

Mt. Juliet cracks down on bad drivers in school zones (Image 1)

Mt Juliet police continue to crackdown on bad drivers in local school zones.

The concentrated effort started in August when students returned to class after summer break with officers heavily patrolling school zones looking for “poor driving behavior.”

“We maintained a heavy presence during the first weeks of school to ensure motorists realized that they are in a school zone,” said Sgt. Tyler Chandler.

In the last four months, more than 400 stops have been made by officers in school zones.

Those stops break down to an average of 55 a week in August, 22 per week in September, 15 per week in October and 22 per week so far in November.

Police continue to regularly patrol school zones during peak hours, but the patrols have been reduced as the school year has progressed.

However, officer presence remains high outside Mt Juliet Middle School on North Mt Juliet Road, a location that generates the most complaints.

“This zone is unique because it does not have any flashing warning lights, and this is the only school zone within the city limits that lacks warning lights,” Sgt. Chandler said.

School zone speed limit signs are posted before and after the school property. Bright green cones are also used to warn motorists to slow down.

Sgt. Chandler told News 2 the department remains committed to bringing awareness to active school zones.

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