Church members write book honoring meningitis outbreak victim

Church members write book honoring meningitis outbreak victim (Image 1)

The life of one of Tennessee’s first victims of the meningitis outbreak is being documented in a new book.

Diana Reed, 56, died last October from complications associated with fungal meningitis after receiving what turned out to be a contaminated steroid injection.

She began to experience severe headaches and was hospitalized before having a series of strokes. Reed went into a coma and died 10 days later.

Before Reed passed away, she had spent the past 30 years caring for her husband, Wayne, who is one of the world’s longest survivors of ALS.

Those who knew her described her as a “larger-than-life personality who was beautiful, feisty and funny.”

She attended Otter Creek Church in Brentwood and helped found the Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center in 1998, a facility that serves one of Nashville’s low-income communities.

Reed’s friends at the church have written a book called, “Looking Back on Diana Reed” in an effort to keep her memory alive.

“It’s very important to know that life is shorter than sometimes we think it’s going to be and it’s so important to live everyday to the fullest. I would say that’s exactly what she did. She lived everyday to the fullest caring for whoever came into her path that day,” said Pat Ward, Reed’s friend of more than 20 years.

All proceeds from the book will go toward the long-term care of her husband, Wayne.

The books are $12 each. To purchase one, call 615-373-1782.

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