400,000 could be without insurance if Medicaid doesn’t expand

400,000 could be without insurance if Medicaid doesn't expand (Image 1)

Approximately 400,000 Tennesseans may be without health care insurance, if Tennessee doesn't expand Medicaid, according to the Tennessee Hospital Association.

It's a population in what's called the “Gap Group,” made up of people who don't make enough for subsidies on the federal exchange, but make too much to get coverage through TennCare, Tennessee's Medicaid managed care program.

To receive a subsidy, or tax break, on insurance purchased through the federal marketplace, a person must earn between 100% and 400% of the poverty level.

For an individual, that's $11,490 to $45,960. A family of four would qualify between $23,550 and $94,200.

With very few exceptions, Obamacare will require everyone to have health insurance by March 31, 2014.

Dr. John Graves, with the department of health policy at Vanderbilt School of Medicine said, “Anybody below poverty in Tennessee can purchase coverage on the insurance marketplace because they aren't eligible for Medicaid but they aren't going to receive any subsidy for doing so. Realistically, they can't afford coverage because there's no subsidy going to them.”

Governor Bill Haslam has until January 1 to decide whether to expand Medicaid, but has said repeatedly the Republican led legislature is against it.

To calculated possible subsidy, click here.

For more information on federal poverty level, visit ObamaCareFacts.com.

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