Woman nearly hit by train after crossing gates malfunction

Woman nearly hit by train after crossing gates malfunction (Image 1)

The malfunctioning railroad crossing lights and gates that caused traffic tie-ups in Hermitage Thursday continued into Friday.

A resident nearly found out the hard way just how vital those crossing gates are for safety.

Beth Woodall told News 2 she drove through the crossing on Andrew Jackson Parkway, not knowing the gates and lights were malfunctioning.

When she got near the crossing, she realized there was a train coming right at her. She had to speed up to avoid being struck by the train.

“It was just terrifying,” Woodall said. “I didn't know whether to slam on my brakes and let the person behind me push me into the train, or just stomp the gas pedal and try to get out of the way. And I was lucky today.”

Friday evening, the crossing gates, lights and bells were working properly.

Officials with Nashville Electric Service still don't know what was causing the problems, or how long the issue will persist.

NES issued the following statement to News 2 Friday that said, “Nashville Electric Service is working with the Railroad to identify what may have caused the malfunction of the railroad crossing arms. NES, along with the Railroad, will continue to actively pursue a solution to mitigate the problem.”

Metro police officers say they were stationed at the six malfunctioning crossings in Hermitage Friday morning to help direct traffic while trains were approaching.

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