PD: Report of gun at Shelbyville Central High School false

Photo: WKRN

A 15-year-old was detained in Bedford County Friday morning for falsely reporting there was a gun at Shelbyville Central High School.

The teen first called 911 at 7:45 a.m. to report there was a gunman in a bathroom in the school.

“I'm at Shelbyville High School, someone's got a gun in the bathroom and I need help bad,” the boy told the dispatcher.

The teen called back five minutes later, this time saying there was a gunman in the cafeteria.

The sheriff's office and Shelbyville Police Department responded to the school, and placed the building on lockdown.  Officers began going room to room and students were evacuated.

No gunman was found after 45 minutes and the calls were determined to be a hoax.

When News 2 arrived to the school around 8:40 a.m., there was a line of parents waiting to pick up their children wrapped around the building.

Students who wanted to leave were able to do so. The remaining students returned to the school and resumed classes as normal.

Student Kelli Huck arrived at the school just moments before police.

“As I was walking, the cops pulled up, they all got out of their cars, rushing with guns and they told everyone to get out of the school as fast as possible,” she recalled.

Huck was ushered to the school's theater with several of her classmates.

“Everyone was dead silent,” she continued, “Teachers were directing us, in tears, just trying to get us to a safe place.  It was really scary to see someone of such position break down like that.”

Parent Anna Collier was in the school waiting to talk to a guidance counselor when officers entered and announced there could be a gunman inside.

“We were told there was someone in a boy's bathroom with a gun and we had to get out as fast as we could and they were putting the school on lockdown,” she recalled

Collier said she moved to Bedford County from Nashville to “get away from this sort of thing.”  She said Friday's events are just “too close to home.”

She said, “You see this on TV, and it hits home when it's your children. I talked to other parents whose children were texting them [from inside the school], ‘Momma, there's someone in here with a gun and I love you' and that's very scary.”

“I feared for my children's lives but also I feared from my own sitting out here,” she added, referencing her car in the parking lot.

According to Bedford County Sheriff Randall Boyce, it was that very parking lot where the teen placed the 911 calls.

The boy had recently moved in with a new foster family and was in the process of enrolling at Shelbyville Central but was not currently attending classes there.

Once in custody, the boy admitted to making the calls. He faces two counts of filing a false report. A court appearance has been scheduled for Monday.

Shelbyville Central High School is located on Eagle Boulevard in Shelbyville, about 30 miles south of Murfreesboro.

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