Madison sees rash of residential burglaries

Madison sees rash of residential burglaries (Image 1)

From Neeley's Bend to Anderson Lane, Metro police are warning Madison area residents to take extra precautions due to the recent spike in residential burglaries.

“Individuals are going through unlocked windows and also forcing their way through the windows and or through the front doors,” said Lt. Josh Blaisdell.

Police said the thieves are doing it more than ever in the Madison area.

Authorities attribute the sudden spike to the upcoming holiday season since more people are shopping and spending time away from their homes, creating the perfect opportunity for those folks who are up to no good.

Metro police Lt. Josh Blaisdell explained, “Typically on a week-to-week basis, we probably average about eight. This week we're standing at 11 and the week before we were at 14.”

He continued, “We have done a four-week analysis that has shown that we had 38 [burglaries] in the last four weeks and it causes concern.”

Residents such as Emanza Stowers told News 2 she's not taking any chances.

“We had to get renter's insurance and we got to lock our doors and I put like a baseball bat where are window is so to make it a little bit more secure,” said Stowers.

“We're deploying extra resources in those areas to hopefully eliminate or deter that type of activity,” added Lt. Blaisdell.

Police are asking those in the community to be observant and vigilant.  Anyone who sees anything unusual is asked to call police at 615-862-8600.

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