7,000 pills stolen in Columbia pharmacy heist

7,000 pills stolen in Columbia pharmacy heist (Image 1)

Police are searching for two men who stole more than 7,000 prescription pills from a local pharmacy.

Investigators say the men used a sledgehammer to enter the Fisher Pharmacy in Columbia Monday night.

Once they got past the laminated glass door, the men put narcotics and other prescription drugs into pillow cases and fled, all while the security alarm was going off.

The men were caught on tape by a system of 18 surveillance cameras inside and out of the building.

An inventory by pharmacy staff found about 7,000 hydrocodone tablets, along with other prescription drugs, were missing.

Pharmacy owner and manager Stewart Fisher says he's tried hard to protect his business and the products inside.

“We just do the best we can and try to ensure that only the necessary patients are getting them,” Fisher said.

The laminated glass front door slowed the burglars down, but the 300 pound man with the sledgehammer and his partner in crime eventually made it inside.

Once they got through the door, the suspects spent less than one minute inside the store.

Columbia Police Detective Cheryl MacPherson is investigating the crime.

“They knew what they wanted,” said MacPherson. “And they went in and got it at any cost.”

A patrol officer heard the audible security alarm and went to check the store, only missing the burglars by a couple of minutes.

Anyone with information about the burglary should contact the Columbia Police Department.

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