Happy Tales asked to leave space at The Factory

Happy Tales asked to leave space at The Factory (Image 1)

Happy Tales Humane, a non-profit organization that helps homeless pets, is in need of a new space.

The organization has called The Factory in Franklin home for 14 years.

Recently Happy Tales was told The Factory was moving in a different direction and was asked to vacate their space, which was rented under a month-to-month lease, in two weeks.

“We were asked to leave, that they would like to see us out of here in two weeks and they would offer a temporary space down the hall,” said Debbi Cure, Happy Tales Executive Director.

The Factory management didn't want to go on camera, but told News 2 they plan to transition the space into a multi-media venue with more live entertainment and music.

Currently, shows for CMT and MTV are filmed in the space and The Factory management would like to film more syndicated shows in the venue.

News 2 asked managers for an on-camera interview, which they declined.

Jack Grant, The Factory's property manager, told News 2 off-camera that the space Happy Tales has been operating out of won't be available for public lease, however, he was unsure about what was planned for the space.

The Factory management has offered Happy Tales Shelter another temporary space in the building free of charge until they can find a permanent home for the time being.

In a statement the facility said they were under the understanding the non-profit organization was actively searching for a new location and that a move was inevitable.

Cure, however, said the shelter was not in a position to look for a new facility.

“These are my main concern at this point, are these guys [the pets in need of a home] right here. So we are going to stay here as long as we can,” said Cure.

After Saturday, all adoptions, as well as emergency surgeries, will be suspended until they find a new place to call home.

All of the dogs in the adoption program are kept in foster homes. Currently there are about 100 cats in their care.

The organization said its goal is to open a shelter where both cats and dogs can be housed on site.

For more information on Happy Tales, visit their Web site.

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