Metro police officer arrested for choking son, pushing wife

Metro police officer arrested for choking son, pushing wife (Image 1)

A Metro police officer was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly choked his teenage son and pushed his wife down the steps.

Police in Nolensville, Williamson County, responded to Dale Becraft's home at 8:45 p.m. where officers spoke with his son and wife.

Upon their arrival police observed signs of a struggle inside the home and red marks around the area of the juvenile's throat.

The teen said his dad choked him during an argument. Becraft's wife alleged that he pushed her down steps.

Becraft's wife stated in a police report, “He [Becraft] and the teen began to wrestle and I got into the middle and told [Becraft] to leave. During the wrestling, I fell down the stairs into the wall.”

She further alleged that he took the family's cell phones when she tried to call 911.

Dale Becraft alleges his teenage son chest bumped him, before calling him names and cussing. He added that his wife attempted to separate them and he was pushed down the stairs while the teen continued to hit him.

Becraft was already gone when officers arrived.  He reported to the Nolensville Police Department later in the night and was subsequently booked into the Williamson County jail on charges aggravated assault, domestic assault and prevention of a 911 call.

He has since been released on an $8,000 bond. As part of his bond conditions, Becraft is required to wear a GPS monitoring device.

The investigation into his alleged acts is ongoing and he is scheduled to next appear in court on December 5.

Becraft, 41, is a 12-year veteran of the Nashville Police Department.  He has been decommissioned and placed on administrative assignment.

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