Flying debris causes woes to drivers

Flying debris causes woes to drivers (Image 1)

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle often tests the agility of motorists.

While being aware of other drivers and watching for flying debris caused by dump trucks or other vehicles, drivers are forced to be alert at all times on the roadway.

Many dump trucks, tree, rock and trash haulers have signs on the back of their vehicles stating they are not responsible for any damages.

News 2 spoke with Nashville attorney Blair Durham who said signs posted on dump trucks, “protects them in some ways criminally. It does not protect them civilly regardless if there is a sign that says we are not responsible. Case law in Tennessee says they are responsible for damage.”

Durham said if a driver is faced with car damage caused by a passing dump truck they should get the company's name and truck number if possible, as well as make note of the time and date the incident occurred.

“As far as property damage to you, they are responsible,” he said.

Durham added it is also important to file a report and notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the incident.

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