TBI arrests woman wanted for offering baby to 7 families

TBI arrests woman wanted for offering baby to 7 families (Image 1)

A missing mother from Madison wanted after she allegedly told several families they could adopt her unborn child was arrested Monday morning in Nashville.

Tiffany Jordan-Johnson was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's Top 10 Most Wanted list over the weekend.

According to the agency, the 32-year-old convinced seven different families that, upon the birth of her child, she would allow them to adopt the baby.

She also received money from each prospect to cover her rent and living expenses although she was living in rent-free government subsidized housing at the time.

She also met with several of the families at her North Dupont Avenue home and many of the potential parents purchased items and planned baby showers in anticipation of Jordan-Johnson's child. 

Jordan-Johnson gave birth to the child, her seventh, in April in Dyer, Tennessee and then went missing.

Five of her other children are in the custody of her mother.  The whereabouts of her most recent born child, as well as the location of child number six, is not known.

Jordan-Johnson was arrested without incident on Hillside Avenue around 7:45 a.m. Monday.

She faces seven felony counts of illegal payments in connection with the placement of a child, six counts of theft, two felony counts of forgery and one count of attempted forgery.

Jordan-Johnson's bond is set at $105,000.

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