Mixed use development planned for Bellevue Center Mall

Mixed use development planned for Bellevue Center Mall (Image 1)

Residents and business owners in Bellevue are continuing to ask what's going to happen with the former Bellevue Center Mall.

Situated on Highway 70S, just off Interstate 40, about 20 minutes west of downtown Nashville, Sears is the only remaining store at the 75 acre mall that is overgrown by shrubbery.

“It's such a big deal because it's such a large space there, there are so many things that could be done with it, and the economic development that it can bring to our area is just astronomical,” Rusty Powell with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce said.

Councilwoman Sheri Weiner added that she feels the frustration of Bellevue residents and hears about it several times per week.

“What's happening with the mall? If I had to title a book, it would be ‘What's Happening with the Mall?'” she told News 2.

According to officials, the now mostly vacant space will be transformed into an outdoor, mixed use development that will include retail, restaurants and office space, similar to Providence in Mt. Juliet.

“We are working hard to attract the optimal balance of retail and other types of uses and funding is not an issue at this point. I'm reluctant to outline a timetable but we are working very hard in order to start the project just as soon as we can,” Tim Sittema with Crosland Southeast, the same company that developed Providence, said in a statement.

According to Sittema, funding is not an issue, however trying to find information on a project timetable proved to be nearly impossible.

“There is a time frame, but it's very tight lipped. I would expect, this is my own personal speculation, that we might see something by the beginning of the year,” Powell said.

Weiner added, “Because it's a private entity, because there are non-disclosures that have to be signed, I mean think about it, if you are Business Owner A and you have expressed interest, you don't want your main competitor to know because you want to make sure that you secure that spot,”

A completion date is unknown as is the cost of the project.

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