Local doctor holds free health fair for underserved Nashvillians

Local doctor holds free health fair for underserved Nashvillians (Image 1)

A surgeon from Vanderbilt organized a health fair for the underserved Nashville community on Saturday.

Dr. Manny Sethi, founder of the non-profit group Healthy Tennessee, teamed up with dozens of local doctors to provide health resources, screenings, giveaways and more.

It was held at Cameron Middle School on Lafayette Street near downtown Nashville and was free for anyone from the community to attend.

Health exhibitors ranged from Vanderbilt Nutrition, State Farm, Vanderbilt Pediatrics and several more local medical practices.  The event also featured healthy food and living resources.

Attendees got to speak to professionals from across the medical industry, receive health screenings and obtain preventative healthcare information.

“The issue is, right now in our health care system, we spend so much money on treating disease, on treating people when they get sick, but if you move the ball forward and you educate them about prevention, about healthy life styles, and you really educate them and help them see the benefit of a healthy life style, I think they'll do the right thing,” Dr. Sethi stated.

He and his wife launched Healthy Tennessee to promote preventative health care in Tennessee.

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