Nashville woman: Obamacare 800-number worked immediately

Nashville woman: Obamacare 800-number worked immediately (Image 1)

Forget all the glitches of the much-discussed Marketplace Web site.

One Nashville woman encourages others to “call them up,” adding she “got through immediately and signed up.”

Sheri Sanford admitted she's “not very computer savvy, and I like to keep my personal information to myself,” so she decided last week to try the 800-phone number listed on to purchase medical coverage.

“I got a real live person,” Sanford told News 2 on Thursday. “They said my income is quite low, so I should qualify for some kind of funding… subsidies.”

Sanford said several neurological conditions left her on permanently disability forcing her from two jobs she had for 15-years at the Nashville International Airport.

“I am 117% of the poverty they tell me, so they say I would get [coverage] for virtually nothing with the subsidies,” added Sanford, who is in her 50s.

She says the coverage can't come soon enough for her.

“I lost my Tenncare on October 18, and it's been very troubling,” Sanford said from her airport-area apartment. “I have no insurance… until January 1.”

She says the male representative at the 800-number told her to expect coverage documents in the mail within a few weeks.

When asked if she was surprised about getting through so quickly, Sanford said, “Yes I was because all of this stuff on the news about a glitch in the system, but one ring and I got him on the phone.”

News 2 was able to duplicate the quick response at the by getting a representative named Angelina on the phone in about two minutes.

When asked if she could sign up people she said, “of course.”

Sanford realizes she is among a very small number of Tennesseans who have apparently signed up for the private insurance on the Obamacare Marketplace.

On Wednesday, Governor Bill Haslam told News 2 that about “250-300” Tennesseans had actually signed up for the coverage.

The figures were compiled last week by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance by calling the four private insurance carriers who are part of the marketplace exchange in Tennessee run by the federal government.

More numbers about how many people are signing up are expected on the 15th of each month during the open enrollment period that closes March 31, 2014.

For more information, call 1-800-318-2596.

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