Ladybug look-alikes invade Middle Tennessee

Ladybug look-alikes invade Middle Tennessee (Image 1)

Guy Wilson and his wife Cindy are used to having wildlife outside their rural Wilson County home.

But they were baffled Tuesday when tens of thousands of ladybug look-alikes showed up outside their home.

“She opened the door and took a look and they were all over the side of the house,” Guy Wilson said.

The Asian lady beetles, which look a lot like ladybugs, have showed up at homes all over Middle Tennessee. Viewers from all over the region sent pictures to of the beetles.

News 2 spoke with Jim Bilbrey, an entomologist with All-American Pest Control in Nashville, to find out why the Asian lady beetles showed up this week.  

“When the sun popped out today, it warmed up a little bit,” said Bilbrey. “It was shining on the side of our homes and it made a natural attractant for them to come to it.”

Bilbrey added the Asian lady beetle is also known as the “Halloween lady beetle,” because they tend to show up in October.

The beetle poses no harm to humans or pets. They are beneficial in that they feast on aphids, small insects that can do great damage to landscaping.

The beetles will be in Middle Tennessee until the next cold snap moves through the area.

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