Gun found at Nashville Airport 2 days in row

Gun found at Nashville Airport 2 days in row (Image 1)

For a second day in a row, a loaded gun was found in a traveler's carry-on bag at the Nashville International Airport.

Airport officials told News 2 a Kimber 9 mm was discovered Tuesday, along with six additional rounds.

The gun's owner was traveling from Nashville to Ohio.

Tuesday's discovery marks the 44th firearm found at the Nashville airport this year.

On Monday, a loaded Walther PPK 380 was found in a passenger's carry-on bag.

Officials said both travelers involved in the separate incidents have valid hand gun permits. No charges were filed and the passengers had to check the firearms properly.

TSA officials said the number one excuse from passengers who are caught carrying weapons is they forgot it was in their bags.

“It seems kind of silly that the regulations have been out there for how long? It's pretty obvious that you shouldn't be doing something like that. The fact you would try to walk through security with something like that it just doesn't seem very smart,” passenger Kathleen Fox said.

Individuals who bring firearms to security checkpoints are referred to law enforcement and subject to criminal penalties.

Last year 32 firearms were discovered at the airport.

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