Thousands of seasonal job openings available in Middle Tenn.

Thousands of seasonal job openings available in Middle Tenn. (Image 1)

Amazon and other national retailers are looking for thousands of workers to fill thousands of seasonal jobs this holiday season.

Amazon is hiring over 5,000 seasonal employees for its fulfillment centers in Murfreesboro and Lebanon, while Macy's is also hiring workers at its Portland distribution center.

The seasonal jobs are available now and will employ workers through the first 2014.

Staff Management is holding a job fair in Murfreesboro to fill 5,500 positions at Amazon's Rutherford and Wilson county distribution centers.

“They're fulfillment center, the normal packing and shipping and receiving positions,” said Staff Managements' Shawn Dunning, without identifying their client.

“Person will be working on the receiving dock or will be putting items away or picking items and shipping them out,” he said.

Dunning told News 2 that seasonal positions often turn into full-time jobs after the holidays come to an end.

“What we call the best of the best. Whoever's the best performer, low attendance points, you know where they come to work everyday. There are opportunities for full-time.”

Dunning told News 2 they have an order to fill 200 jobs next week.

Several potential employees were hired on Monday and given assignments to report to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Murfreesboro job fair is open seven days a week through the end of the month. The SMX recruiting office is located at 237 West Northfield Boulevard in Murfreesboro.

Macy's will hold its job fair in Portland Thursday.

Goodwill has a list of seasonal job fairs in Middle Tennessee on their Web site.

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