Damian Williams to return punts for Titans

2014 Titans preseason schedule released (Image 1)

With the release of Darius Reynaud a week ago, the Tennessee Titans are turning veteran Damian Williams to return punts and kicks the rest of the way.

Mike Munchak also told Nashville's News 2 Sunday evening Jackie Battle could see some time returning kickoffs for the team.

The Titans drafted Williams in the third round in 2010 as a wide receiver and punt returner out of Southern California; however, he was beat out in the preseason by Marc Mariani on special teams and never got the opportunity.

Reynaud averaged 23.7 yard on kickoffs and 7.1 yards on punts this season, but a series of miscues sealed his fate.

Reynaud took a knee for a safety on the opening kick of the season and muffed a critical punt that turned into a San Francisco touchdown in the Titans 31-17 loss last week.

Munchak indicated the team feels very confident with Williams in the return game.

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