Murfreesboro hosts world championship in dog agility

Murfreesboro hosts world championship in dog agility (Image 1)

Dog owners are flocking to Murfreesboro this weekend to take part in the Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships.

USDAA's competition is now in it's 26th year and is the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the sport.

Dog agility is a fast-growing sport that features the best of the best in agility, jumping and team competition.

“Agility is a team sport between the human and dog. When the dogs get out to run their courses, they have never seen that course before. The humans, right now, have eight minutes to walk their course, plot the strategy where they will be and how they'll direct their dog,”  said public relations spokesperson Annie DeChance.

She said the competition is all about time, and the fastest dogs make it to the top.

It requires a lot of training for dogs get to competition level.

“Usually, dogs have to be 18 months or older in order to compete and a lot of people get puppies and start them young and do the shaping behavior,” DeChance explained.

The competition began Thursday and will continue through the weekend until Sunday at 4 p.m.  It costs $10 per carload.

It is being held at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum located at 304B West Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro.

To learn more about the events, ticket prices, and other information, visit or visit their Facebook page.

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