Father, son charged with sexually abusing teen girls

Father, son charged with sexually abusing teen girls (Image 1)

An east Tennessee father and son were arrested in Roane County Wednesday and charged with sexually abusing and raping two teenage sisters.

Our sister station WATE reported George Miles Sr., 72, is charged with six counts of statutory rape by an authority figure, while his son, George Miles Jr., 49, is charged with six counts of aggravated statutory rape.

One of the girls, 14, reportedly told her pastor in late June that their stepfather, the elder Miles, had abused her and her 17-year-old sister for three years.

Miles Sr. allegedly told the girls that it was ungodly if they did not allow him to have sexual relations with them.

Authorities said the 14-year-old also told the pastor that she had been raped multiple times, and showed him video of the man fondling both girls.

The youth pastor, Anthony Hamby, told WATE he believes a lesson he taught a few weeks prior to the confession helped the girl reach out.  The lesson was about not letting your past be the future.

“I'm always telling them that they can always come to me. God is not going to judge you for something someone else did,” Hamby stated.

He explained he believed the teen's story from the beginning, but actually seeing it shocked him and he knew he had to take action that moment.

An investigator was contacted that day.

Hamby said he was simply doing what he felt was necessary to protect the girls.

“I said, ‘You guys are going to have a better life now. You don't have to live in fear anymore and God is going to direct your path and you have a bright future ahead of you.'”

A few days after the allegations against Miles Sr. came forth, the 17-year-old told church officials that Miles Jr. had been sexually abusing her for close to a year and a half.

Both men were arrested Wednesday after being indicted by a grand jury.

The sisters are reportedly doing well and still taking part in youth activities at the church.

*WATE-TV contributed to this report.

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