No more awards for losers in Texas youth football league

For one North Texas sports league, the days of everyone getting a trophy in youth football will soon be gone.

According to ABC affiliate WFFA, the Keller Youth Association will only give trophies and ribbons to kids who actually win games, meaning no more participation trophies.

The football board of directors says it has been thinking about the change for a couple of years, and the members say most parents and kids respect the decision.

The league announced the decision on its Facebook page, saying,  “Giving participation medals or trophies isn't sending our children the right message. Trophies are something you should strive for and earn. Life does not give you a participation job or medal, life makes you earn everything you get.”

One parent said her son has multiple trophies that don't mean anything to him, but his championship trophy is what he treasures the most.

The association says it wants to teach kids that they have to give their all to be successful.

*WFFA contributed to this report.

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