Students cut hair to support classmate battling cancer

Students cut hair to support classmate battling cancer (Image 1)

Students at a local school cut their hair to support a fellow classmate recently diagnosed with cancer.

Eleven-year-old Jessica Meyer is set to begin treatment for the illness on Friday.

With her classmates at Saint Joseph's Catholic School cheering her on, Meyer cut off several inches of her own hair ahead of her chemotherapy treatments.

After receiving her new hairstyle, many other students stepped up and voluntarily cut their hair.

“We're doing a donation hair thing where I cut my hair, it used to be longer, but all my friends are doing it with me. They're getting buzz cuts and everything,” Jessica explained to News 2. “It's just so sweet and I couldn't ask for anything better. It's really cool.”

Jessica's mother Lori Meyer said the school's support helps ease the pain of her daughter's cancer diagnosis.

“It's a very dark time, but they are shedding all this little rays of sunshine on us and all a sudden now, it's not as painful anymore,” she said. “We don't have family here, so this is our family. Her school is our family. A lot of them have been together since first grade, so they've grown together and gone through the ups and downs and all those things.”

St. Joseph's Catholic School is located on Gallatin Pike in Madison.   

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