Sen. Lamar Alexander demands answers after Obamacare rollout

Sen. Lamar Alexander demands answers after Obamacare rollout (Image 1)

Three weeks into the Affordable Care Act rollout, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is demanding answers.

In Nashville and all across the country, accessing insurance on the government's Web site has proven to be a struggle which is prompting Senator Alexander to take action.

 The Republican senator is set to introduce a bill that requires the Obama administration to provide weekly reports with data about Obamacare enrollment.
“At least we can find out what's happening to Americans that are going to be fined in February if they don't sign up on a Web site that doesn't work,” Alexander said.

He continued, “Part of our job in Congress is oversight.  And one way or another we need the information.  If the IRS is going to fine you for not signing up on a Web site that doesn't work. We need to know that before February 15th and we're going to find it out.”

While President Obama admits to problems with the initial launch, he does not back down from the law and its original claims.

“The health insurance that's being provided is good,” Obama said, adding, “It's high quality and it's affordable.”

However, Senator Alexander claims that's not the case.

“Obviously some people are benefiting by the subsidies, but a typical 27-year-old man in Tennessee, in Nashville for example is going to find his cheapest plan costs twice as much,” he said. “This is a train wreck. America's on the train. I've been trying for three years to stop the train.”

The administration touts success stories such as in Kentucky, which set up its own exchanges and is signing up hundreds of people per day.

“We are signing up roughly 1,000 a day,” Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said. “It's a great rate and a great success so far.”

Tennessee is ranked the 11th unhealthiest state in the state. Senator Alexander said he is going to strive for Democratic support and continue to put a spotlight on the problems.

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